Contact our office to inquire about setting up an account with Krueger Maddux Greenhouses.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM.  Extended hours available between April 15 & May 31: Saturday 8AM to 12PM.

We deliver plants to customers within a 150 mile radius of the Cincinnati area. Exceptions may be made for large orders. We are also able to deliver to landscapers at individual job sites. Plant material is delivered on rolling racks.

Note: Minimum Order for delivery is 2 racks except April through June. A 3 rack minimum is required during peak spring season. Please allow 2 days to process your order.

Rack capacity

Annual/Veggie Flats
Pk 1 // 50/rack, 5/shelf

3.5″ Veggie/Herbs
Pk 12 // 32-56/rack, 8/shelf

10″ Hanging Basket
Pk 1 // 40/rack, 10/shelf

4.5″ Annuals
Pk 8 // 25/rack, 5/shelf

6.5″ Annuals
Pk 6 // 24/rack, 4/shelf

10″ Patio Geranium
Pk 1 // 30/rack, 10/shelf

12″ Pot
Pk 1 // 24/rack, 6/shelf

Quart Perennial
Pk 10 // 30-36/rack, 6/shelf

1 Gallon Perennial
Pk 1 // 80/rack, 20/shelf

2 Gallon Perennial
Pk 1 // 60/rack, 12/shelf

3 Gallon Knock Out Rose
Pk 1// 20/rack, 10/shelf

Market Basket
Pk 1 // 49/rack, 7/shelf