In addition to providing quality plant material, we welcome the opportunity to assist area communities/schools in their fundraising efforts.

Type of fundraisers
  1. Spring/Mother’s Day—hanging baskets, bedding plants, veggies
  2. Christmas—Poinsettias
Flower Fundraisers
  1. Flowers are very easy to sell, as they are –seasonally—in high demand. They remain popular gift items for Mother’s Day and Christmas year after year.
  2. Choose your own program by selecting the product which will sell best for your organization.
  3. Create your own profit margin with our low, wholesale costs and your own markup price. We recommend a markup of 30%-50%.
  4. We offer marketing support, including customized order forms and sale flyers. Options include the use of organization logo and colors.

Contact us at 800-589-2295 to take advantage of this great program!